In-Person Worship Update

The last time we physically gathered as a community was nearly two months ago. Our physical isolation is uncomfortable but is necessary to prevent the spread of a highly infectious, incurable disease that is ravishing our nation. As the news of local businesses reopening becomes more frequent and even though we may hear of other denominations meeting, they will still be bound by the 25% occupancy limit, I wanted to share why we are not doing so as quickly.

  1. Bishop Thompson does not want any churches to gather in person until at least May 24th. Gatherings after May 24th are allowed, if they are meeting outside.
  2. When it is okay to gather inside, the state is requiring religious organizations to limit in-person gathering to 25% occupancy. That means only 25-30 people would be allowed in the sanctuary.
  3. Once we are able to gather again, know that if you feel uncomfortable about gathering for any reason, we are hopeful that we will have our online streaming installed and you can join us from the safety of your home

At this time, the risks are too great for us to gather in-person for worship on Sundays. When we do gather back, it will be in a fashion that can be done safely inside and does not create situations in which individuals have to be turned away at the door. I hope you will continue to join us from the safety of your homes over Zoom, on Facebook Live, or watch when you are able on YouTube.

We are still the church, we are still proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, as we continue to love all of our neighbors by not putting each other at an unreasonable risk.

Keep the faith,

The Rev. Robert Beazley