Holy Matrimony / Weddings

Holy Matrimony / Weddings  and Blessing of a Marriage is an expression of Christian community in which a couple makes their vows before God and the Church, and the priest blesses the marriage on behalf of the Church.

Marriages conform to local law as well as the requirements of the Episcopal Church, with the consent of the Bishop being needed in some circumstances. If you wish to get married here, it is important to meet with the Vicar to discuss your circumstances. Normally, the clergy of the parish preside at the celebration of marriages in that parish. If you want another minister to preside at your marriage, you must obtain the consent of the Priest.

The Episcopal Church discourages weddings outside of the physical church building because having a wedding in a church asserts the importance of the Christian community in the marriage, while having it outside tends to diminish the role of the Church and to dilute its rules and traditions. Marriages are not traditionally celebrated in Advent and in Lent because these are penitential seasons during which times festal liturgies, such as weddings, are not appropriate. St. Michael’s has a Wedding Policy, which can be found on the Policies and Links tab of this website.